An Answer to My Seeking Prayer

I began to seek the Lord after my family experienced a lot of turmoil the summer before my sixth grade year. I would lie on my bed crying, wishing that the Lord could be right there to comfort me. However, this wish only made me cry more. As far as I knew, the Lord could never be that real. The Lord, however, heard my prayer and began working. That year, I met someone who would lead me to the Lord. In the eighth grade, I helped this friend with algebra. She began calling me every night for tutoring. During these phone calls, she spoke to me about the Lord. I did not think much of it until she asked me to go with her to a Christian youth meeting. Initially, I turned her down. I thought those meetings were surely boring. By the Lord’s mercy, she asked me again, and this time she told me there would be a barbecue. I reluctantly agreed to go, thinking at least the barbecue would not be too bad.

At the barbecue, these young people amazed me. They were not like the others I knew. Each one knew and cared for one another, and there were no cliques. This impressed me deeply. They also made me feel so comfortable; it was like being with family. After eating, we gathered for the meeting. The young people began singing with such joy. I had never seen anything like it. They were truly singing to the Lord. Eventually my heart was warmed, and I began singing, too. After the meeting, I asked a sister about the book they were reading from. She gave me her copy of Holy Word for Morning Revival and offered to call me every morning to pray and read the Word. I could not believe that someone I had just met would give me her own book and offer to call me.

That summer I attended a high school conference. Those few days were wonderful. Being with so many young people loving and enjoying the Lord was marvelous. Eventually the Lord began to bother me, calling me deep within. That night I sought some fellowship from an older sister. This sister led me to pray and receive the Lord. As soon as I prayed, I felt such complete peace. When I returned home, my friend introduced me to the Recovery Version of the Bible and books by Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. I especially enjoyed the first book I read, The All-Inclusive Christ. This book made me realize what a rich Christ we have to enjoy. He is everything we need.

Being with the believers in the local church has been my greatest joy. They care for me like my own family would. Over the years I have been continually shepherded by them in so many ways. My enjoyment of the Lord and love for Him has grown every year. The believers in the local church encourage me, strengthen me, pray with me, and always lead me to the Lord. I have been meeting with the local church for over seven years, and it has been such a blessing. I praise the Lord for answering my prayers. Now, whenever I call on His name, He is there. I do not have to just wish for His presence, because He is in my spirit. The Lord is real, and I can experience Him every day with members of His Body, the church.

Barbara Herr